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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Singastro NEWS 2

Today's topic: Happy Chinese New Year!

However, I have interesting new to talk about. But first, Happy chinese new year! I'd been eating a lot of "yusheng" these days. But what I really wanted to tell you all is that when I was having a CNY party at my relative's house, sitting next to the swimming pool, I saw the Orion Constellation! It was the first time i've seen such a thing as Singapore's sky was always so cloudy but not on that day!

A constellation is a group of stars that forms a shape of something or someone. The Orion constellation forms a man with shield and a sword. It is one of the most brightest constellations in the sky.

How do I know if that is the Orion Constellation? First, the Orion constellation has three stars that forms almost a straight line, that's the belt of Orion. Then, Find two bright stars that are on the left and on the right one of them in red while the other is blue. You've found Orion! However, that's only part of the Orion constellation. If you want to confirm if what you saw is the Orion constellation or if you want to see what it looks like. Look at the picture below.
That's all for today's post! Happy CNY!

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