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Monday, January 24, 2011

Singastro NEWS 1

This is Singastro News Post 1, the first news post!

Today's topic: Mars Exploration Rovers Getting, arriving and landing on mars

Okay, remember I talked about the Mars Exploration Rovers? Well, I can talk more about it.
In 2003, NASA launched 2 rovers: Spirit and Opportunity to mars, and after their 7 months journey from Earth to Mars, they began their landing on Mars. First, the cruise stage was deployed before reaching the Mars atmosphere. Then it penetrated through the Mars atmosphere and deployed the parachute, the aeroshell dropped off and releases the airbag containing the rover. The airbag inflated and dropped to the Mars surface. It bounced for 1 km and stops. After stopping, the bag opened up and revealed the rover which folded out. Finally, the rover was functioning.

Catch the mars getting, arriving and landing on mars video at:
That's all for Singastro News 1

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